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2 vs 2 mode

A 2 vs 2 mode woud be nice
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• 12/7/2018

This game so addictive

I've had this game for 4 days and all I've done is nothink but play this game and I don't even like card based games lol
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• 7/30/2018

Favourite stratagies?

I main the monster deck and my favourite strategy is to have a good economy of hazards, horde cards and cards that can move the hazards. It's so funny to see an opponent get pinched into a corner and just move a fog onto them. What's yours?
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• 7/14/2018


nerf Nekker
you can't weak it, you caN't stop it, you see them every turn respawning
not just strengen an ally who cunsumes these 20²³ times, also themselves 10²

how to counter this
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• 4/9/2018

Blue stripes deck

I would like to play with the blue stripes gameplan i can out tempo in round one but round three is tricky as as there are no real finishers.
any ideas?
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• 4/4/2018

Are there any physical cards?

I like to have all the cards (physical cards). are they available to buy and if yes, how?
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• 3/14/2018

Holy shit this wiki is inactive

Came on here for advice on decks but doesn't seem like there's a large user base :(
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• 3/9/2018

Communauté fr

Salut je vois quil ny a presqur aucun francais alors si vous letes et que vous voulez jouer envoyer un message on pourra faire une communaute sur ps4
Bon jeu a tous
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• 2/24/2018


Будут ли статьи на русском языке?
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• 2/19/2018


So, I started playing gwent before 2 weeks or so and I enjoy the game, I use skelige axemen deck and so on... My question is: Is there any community page or something where is activity at its maximum and has up to date posts?
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• 2/19/2018


I just played a game where scorch was played 3 times against me. Anyone know how?
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• 2/13/2018

Faction challenge!

Hey, who are you guys going to play for the faction challenge Scoia'tael or Skellige? (I'm playing Scoia'tael, it's my best faction) and for whatever you guys are playing, good luck and I'll see you around the gwent table!
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• 1/30/2018

Can't we post decks here?

I'm new in the app, and I've noticed that it doesn't has any area where we can upload our own decks for other players to see it so that way we could help each other to climb the ranks.
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• 1/20/2018

cards to test

Kaedweni revenant
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• 1/6/2018

Newly Joined

Hi I am new need to learn any help ?
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• 12/26/2017

Calling gwenty card players for ps4

Any ps4 gwent players looking to playtest or get feedback on your deck brews I have started a community to help us players be the best we can be. JOIN “Gwent playtesting and brews”
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• 12/23/2017

New Update: Good or Bad?

Don't get me wrong, I love the game, I love the very active way they let us try this game and keep updating it. I just feel like the last update weren't at all as good as people say.

For sure, adding new cards, mechanics etc is cool, but I feel like this time the changes were too many at once. I also believe the nerfs and buffs to be somewhat misplaced as practically all my skellige decks where completely ruined when skellige has never really been an overpowered faction. Nerfing sigrfridr and the revive bronze cards was so weird, it was the revive mechanic that was the only reliable thing with skellige? Champion of champions wasn't an overpowered card but is completely changed rather than adding another card with the duel function it now has, yet the northern realms troll with the increasing armour remains the same, which is arguably OP because there's no downside to playing that card. Champion of Champions you had to have alone at the row which made it quite balanced.

Nilfgaard on the other hand.. is it just me or did the OP faction just get buffed because holy crap that is impossible to meet now. Both reveal and spy setup.

Those are my personal experiences, but when it comes to pure function, I also started having trouble with getting my marker out of the graveyard now, and it all seems to run much slower than before. I'm also not a huge fan of the new board design.

Let me know your thoughts!
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• 11/2/2017

Is Vattier de Rideux Worth it?

I just got him in a keg and i was wondering if it's usable in the new reveal NG archetype. I've been seeing that no one includes him because other cards can do what he does without taking a gold slot in your deck. What do you think? Should i mill him?
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• 10/29/2017

IOS and Reallity

Does some one knows when IOS version is comming out?
Is there any post that confirms it ?
And reallity gwent? Wouldnt it né amazing?
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• 10/24/2017

Next special event

Does anyone happen to know when the next special/seasonal event will start?
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