Below is all the keywords, terms, and meanings of words found on the cards and in the GWENT: The Witcher Card Game.


  • Doomed: Units: Remove from the game when moved from the Board to the Graveyard. Special Cards: Remove from the game after triggering the card's ability.
  • Leader: A card that is guaranteed at any given moment during a match. Often tied to Faction archetypes.
  • Token: A unit that is removed from the game at the end of a round.


  • Armor: Absorbs a given amount of damage dealt to a unit.
  • Aura: Passive ability that is undone when the unit is destroyed or Locked.
  • Banish: Remove from the game.
  • Boost: Increase a Unit's current Power.
  • Charm: Move an enemy to your side.
  • Conceal: Turn a Revealed card over.
  • Consume: Destroy a unit by eating it.
  • Create: Select a card from a choice of three faction or neutral cards and Spawn it.
  • Crew: This unit grants a bonus to Crewed units.
  • Crewed: When a Crewed unit is played adjacent to a Crew unit, gain the extra detailed benefits.
  • Damage: Decrease a Unit's current Power.
  • Deathwish: Trigger this ability when the card is moved to the Graveyard.
  • Deploy: Trigger this ability when the card is placed on the Board.
  • Destroy: Move the card to the Graveyard.
  • Discard: Move the card to the Graveyard from the Hand or Deck.
  • Drain: Damage a Unit and Boost the Draining Unit by the specified amount.
  • Duel: Units deal their power as damage to one another until one of them is destroyed.
  • Gamble: Play a game of chance.
  • Heal: Restore a Damaged Unit to its Base Power.
  • Highest: The highest Power. If the ability targets only one Unit, ties are resolved randomly.
  • Immune: Cannot be targeted.
  • Lock: Disables a card's abilities. Disables and turns over Ambushes, prevents a Unit from counting towards a Trio.
  • Lowest: The lowest Power. If the ability targets only one Unit, ties are resolved randomly.
  • Reset: Reset the Unit to its base Power.
  • Resilient: Remain on the board at the end of the round and reset to base power if boosted.
  • Resurrect: Play a card from your Graveyard, or if specified from your opponent's Graveyard.
  • Reveal: Turn a card in the Hand over, exposing it to both players.
  • Spawn: Add a card to the game and play it.
  • Spying: A unit on the opposite side of the board from its original owner.
  • Strengthen: Increase a Unit's Base Power.
  • Summon: Play automatically from the deck.
  • Swap: Move a card from the hand to the deck and draw another in its place.
  • Transform: Convert into a different card.
  • Truce: If neither player has passed.
  • Weaken: Decrease a Unit's Base Power.

Ex-Tags; Now Abilities:

  • Ambush: Played face down.
  • Stubborn: This card cannot return to the Hand.


  • Agile: Refers to card that can be placed on any row. The icon is two arrows in the shape of a circle.
  • Ally: A Unit on your side of the Board.
  • Boosted: A Boosted Unit's current Power is more than its Base Power.
  • Bronze: Bronze refers to the lowest tier of units. Though the player may have any number of Bronze cards in their deck, they may only have three copies of any single card.
  • Damaged: A damaged Unit's current Power is less than its Base Strength.
  • Disloyal: This card can be placed on the enemy's side of the board; also referred to as a "spying" unit.
  • Enemy: A Unit on your opponent's side of the Board.
  • Gold: Gold refers to the top tier of units. These units are not affected by weather and many abilities. Though the player may have four Gold cards in their deck, they may not have any copies.
  • Loyal: This card can be placed only on the summoner's side of the board.
  • Silver: Silver refers to the mid tier of units. Though the player may have six Silver cards in their deck, they may not have any copies.
  • Strength: Essentially the "health" of a unit. Provided a unit stays alive, its strength contributes to the player's overall strength, which is essential for winning a match.
  • Unit: A unit is a card played directly to the board.

Other Tags (No Synergies among themselves):

  • Agent: Refers to Disloyal-only units, for example; Cantarella.
  • Boon: Positive row effect. Cleared when other Hazards/Boons are applied to the row, for example; Ale of the Ancestors.
  • Brokvar: Refers to Brokvar units, for example; Udalryk.
  • Cintra: Refers to Cintrian units, for example; Pavetta.
  • Double Agent: Refers to both Loyal and Disloyal units, for example; Fake Ciri.
  • Drummond: Refers to Drummond units, for example; Madman Lugos.
  • Hazard: Negative row effect. Cleared when other Hazards/Boons are applied to the row, for example; Drought.
  • Mage: Refers to Mages or magic related creatures, for example; Crone: Brewess or Yennefer. (despite not having synergies among themselves, most Mages are tied to Spawning Special cards or Units / tutoring special cards). Witch Hunter ability interacts with Mage tag.
  • Redania: Refers to Redanian units, for example; Radovid.
  • Svalblod: Refers to Svalblod units, for example; Savage Bear.
  • Tactic: Refers to Tactic special cards, for example; Reinforcement.
  • Vodyanoi: Attached to Dagon, removed in May 24, 2017. Returned in August 29, 2017.
  • Witcher: Refers to Witchers, for example; Vesemir or Auckes. Used to have synergy with Potions.


  • Bear: (Lore Tag); Used to be attached to e.g. Bear or Savage Bear, replaced by Beast.
  • Blue Stripes: (Lore Tag); Used to be attached to e.g. Vernon Roche, Ves, replaced by Temeria.
  • Bond: Trigger this ability each time another copy of this Unit is played on the same side.
  • Brave: Trigger this ability if your opponent is winning the current Round (calculated after placing this Unit and any Unit(s) it spawns).
  • Crewmen X: When a Unit with a 'Fresh Crew' ability is played adjacent to this Unit, trigger that ability X times. Replaced by Crew.
  • Demote: Convert a Gold card to Silver (or Bronze, if Bronze was the card's original color).
  • Effort: If the optional ability was used, weaken self by X. Used to be attached to e.g. Clan an Craite Warcrier. Removed from the game.
  • Fleeting: The card is removed from the game when killed, rather than going to the graveyard. (replaced by Doomed)
  • Fresh Crew: Trigger this ability when this Unit is played adjacent to a Unit with a 'Crewmen' ability. (Replaced by Crewed).
  • Medic: Once in the graveyard, this card cannot be revived unless specifically stated in an ability. (replaced by Permadeath).
  • Mulligan: Exchange a certain amount of cards in your Hand for cards in your Deck. Golds can be drawn and exchanged (unless stated otherwise). (replaced by Swap)
  • Orders: Trigger this ability when your Leader card is played (but before the Leader's ability is resolved).
  • Promote: Convert the card to Gold until the Round ends.
  • Permadeath: Once in the graveyard, this card cannot be revived unless specifically stated in an ability.(replaced by Doomed)
  • Relentless: The card cannot be removed from the battlefield and put back into the player's hand. (replaced by Stubborn).
  • Retaliation: Trigger this ability whenever this Unit is Damaged but not sent to the Graveyard.
  • Shield: Protects a Unit from the next Power-reducing effect. (removed due to Quen Shield removal)
  • Specter: Refers to Wraiths, Ghosts and Specters, used to be attached to for example; Draug.
  • Trio: Exactly 3 unlocked copies of a Unit on a row.
  • Veteran X: At the start of Rounds 2 and 3, Strengthen this Unit by X if it is in your Hand, Deck or Graveyard.
  • Weather: Refers to Weathers, for example; Biting Frost. (despite not having synergies among themselves, all Weathers are Damage-over-Time). (Replaced by Hazard).
  • Regressing: When this Unit is removed from the Board, its Base Power is returned to the value it has in the Collection.
  • Resilience: A Resilient Unit remains on the Board at the end of the Round. (renamed to Resilient).
  • Revenge: Trigger this ability when the card is moved from the Board to the Graveyard during your Opponent's turn.

Patch changes

  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: Dec 19, 2017 Patch: Added Token and Item Tag to the game. Added Truce, Charm, Create, Summon, Gamble, Duel, Drain, Conceal and Aura keywords. Removed Specter, Shield, Revenge, Veteran, Regressing, Demote, Brave, Bond. Renamed Resilience to Resilient, Mulligan to Swap, Fresh Crew to Crewed and Crewmen to Crew.
  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: Aug 29, 2017 Patch: Added lots of new tags; Alchemy, Organic, Spell, Tactic, Officer, Soldier, Support, Agent, Double Agent, Kaedwen, Redania, Temeria, Cintra, an Craite, Brokvar, Dimun, Drummond, Heymaey, Tordarroch, Tuirseach, Svalblod. Returned Vodyanoi tag. Removed Blue Stripes tag. Ambush, Doomed, Regressing and Stubborn tags moved to card descriptions.
  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: May 24, 2017 Patch: A new system of keywords and popups has been added to the game to aid card ability explanation.; Units can now have Armor. Damage reduces Armor before affecting a Unit's Power.

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