First we ran into a bear... things just got worse from there.

The skalds' ballads tell of giant bears that once roamed the isles and grappled with Hemdall and other heroes of lore. True or not, Skellige bears do indeed grow to be gargantuan beasts, and seasoned berserkers turn into even meatier monsters when enraged.


Destroy an Ally. Spawn a Bear.

Animated card

Note: For accurate card stats, see infobox to the right; the one below is for illustrative purposes only.
Bloodcurdling Roar

Patch changes

  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: Aug 29, 2017 Patch: Added Organic Tag. General change; Doomed is no longer a tag, but an ability in card's description (applies to Bear).
  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: July 5, 2017 Patch: Bear Power changed from 12 to 11. Added "Doomed" Tag to Bear. Bear's tag changed from Bear to Beast.

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