The mage's arms were twisted and bound behind his back. The Redanians gave the fetters a good shake. Terranova cried out, lurched, bent backwards, bowed forward, then retched and groaned. It was clear of what his manacles were made.


Toggle a unit's Lock status.

If an enemy, deal 4 damage to it.

Animated card

Note: For accurate card stats, see infobox to the right; the one below is for illustrative purposes only.
Dimeritium Shackle

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Patch changes

  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: Aug 29, 2017 Patch: Will now Damage Enemies it Locks by 2. Clarified the tooltip. Added Alchemy Tag. Fixed an issue whereby Dimeritium Shackles were not able to target face-down Ambush cards.