"Here she comes," he thought, "our imperial interest. A mock-princess, a mock-queen for Cintra. A mock-ruler for the mouth of the Yarra, future lifeblood of the empire."

Fake Ciri was a girl of roughly the same age and somewhat similar appearance as Ciri. Because of this, she was abducted and taken back to Nilfgaard. Emhyr var Emreis knew immediately that she was not Ciri, but decided that the people of Nilfgaard should remain none the wiser. He sent her off to the farthest reaches of the empire while he continued his search for the real Ciri.


If this Unit is Spying at the start of your turn, Boost it by 1. If it is Spying when your opponent passes, move it to the opposite side. Deploy: When you play this Unit on your side, Strengthen it by 3.


False Ciri Gwent

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