Magic is the highest good. It transcends all borders and divisions.

Emperor Emhyr var Emreis had once presented the mages of Nilfgaard with a simple choice: either serve their country unquestioningly or die in prison.

Fringilla Vigo, a mistress of magic holding office in the vassal duchy of Toussaint, refused both options and instead joined the infamous Lodge of Sorceresses, whose aim was to stand up to the dictates of kings and emperors. These bold ambitions were never fulfilled, however, and Fringilla Vigo lived in fear that her ties to this subversive organization would be discovered and she would meet a quick end at the hands of the emperor's executioners.


Deploy: If Spying, set own base Power to 1. Deploy: Set the Power of the Unit on the right to that of the Unit on the left.

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