If I'm to die today, I wish to look smashing for the occasion.


Spawn Alzur's Thunder, Thunderbolt or Arachas Venom.

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Keira Metz

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Patch changes

  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: Aug 29, 2017 Patch: Keira Metz Power changed from 5 to 6. Will Spawn Aeromancy instead of Quen Sign. Added Temeria Tag.
  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: May 24, 2017 Patch: Keira Metz Power changed from 4 to 5. Ability rework; Deploy: Spawn Quen Sign, Epidemic or Thunderbolt Potion.
  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: March 23, 2017 Patch: Keira Metz strength changed from 7 to 4. Keira Metz ability changed: she now sets the unit on her right's strength to that of the unit on her left (if both are non-Gold).
  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: Feb 6, 2017 Patch: Keira Metz's ability will now also trigger on a 2 turn countdown (every two turns) after being triggered when she's played.