Most grave hags feed on rotten remains dug out of graves. Yet some sneak into huts, steal children, kill the elderly and in general make very undesirable neighbors.

Their skin covered in pustules, these large hags are a rare species. They forage alone, exhuming things both fresh and weathered to use in a soup or to wear as macabre mementos.


After 1 turn, at the start of your turn, Consume all Bronze and Silver Units in your Graveyard, but only Boost self by 1 for each.

Deploy: Gain 2 Armor.

Animated card

Note: For accurate card stats, see infobox to the right; the one below is for illustrative purposes only.
Grave Hag

Witcher links

  • Witcher icon See this subject on The Witcher wiki: Mourntart

Patch changes

  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: Aug 29, 2017 Patch: Name change; Mourntart (was Grave Hag). Added additional ability; Deploy: Gain 2 Armor. Clarified the tooltip to specifically state that the ability affects Bronzes or Silvers. Changed flavor text.
  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: May 24, 2017 Patch: Grave Hag Power changed from 1 to 2. Now Epic as every other Silver (was Legendary). Now Agile (was Ranged). Added "Necrophage" Tag. Removed "Devourer" Tag.

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