The Emperor will teach the North discipline.


Clear Hazards from its row and boost an ally or a Revealed unit in your hand by 3.

Voice Lines

  • Nauzicaa Sergeant 1
    Aâ’anval neen orde! (Attack at will!)
  • Nauzicaa Sergeant 2
    Nauzicaaa - chargeeee!
  • Nauzicaa Sergeant 3
    Se'ege na tuvean! (Victory or death!)

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Patch changes

  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: Dec 19, 2017 Patch: Name change: Nauzicaa Sergeant (was Nauzicaa Standard Bearer). Nauzicaa Sergeant power changed from 6 to 7. Removed Support tag. Replaced Soldier with Officer tag.
  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: May 24, 2017 Patch: Rework: Clear Weather from the row and Boost 1 Ally or Revealed Unit in your Hand by 3. Now Rare.
  • Gwent icon Gwent Update: March 23, 2017 Patch: Strength changed from 5 to 4. Restricted to boost adj. units by 3 instead of all units on a row by 2.