Alba Armored Cavalry

  • Alba Armored Cavalry 1
  • Alba Armored Cavalry 2
    E'er y gloir! (Honor and glory!)
  • Alba Armored Cavalry 3
    Tuvean y gloir! (Death and glory!)

Alba Pikeman

  • Alba Pikeman 1
    Esse'lath sei’fyll! (Loose formation!)
  • Alba Pikeman 2
    Hael Ker'zaer! (Long live the Emperor!)
  • Alba Pikeman 3

Alba Spearman

  • Alba Spearman 1
    Mashed potatoes with thick gravy.
  • Alba Spearman 2
    No passage!
  • Alba Spearman 3
    What is it now?



  • Alchemist 1
    Greetings! What is it?
  • Alchemist 2
    If anyone asks, you’ve not seen me.
  • Alchemist 3
    There’s been a mistake: I’m no mage.


  • Ambassador 1
    Bu'rac. (Bumpkin.)
  • Ambassador 2
    Hael Ker’zaer! (Long live the Emperor!)
  • Ambassador 3
    N'ees tedd a thu. (I have no time for you.)


Assire var Anahid

  • Assire var Anahid 2
    If magic dies, this world dies with it.
  • Assire var Anahid 1
    I shall do as you command.
  • Assire var Anahid 3
    Yes? What is it?


Cahir Dyffryn

Cahir Dyffryn (replaced by the ones above)


  • Cantarella 1
    I shall be your eyes, my lord.
  • Cantarella 2
    Let us see.
  • Cantarella 3
    No one can hide from me.

Ceallach Dyffryn

  • Ceallach Dyffrun 1
    Cahir… my son.
  • Ceallach Dyffryn 2
    My son has… erred…
  • Ceallach Dyffryn 3
    Your Majesty, I cast myself upon thy mercy.

Combat Engineer

  • Combat Engineer 1
    Aen iarean nyald aep kroofeir. (Like searching for a needle in a haystack.)
  • Combat Engineer 2
  • Combat Engineer 3
    I warned you!


Daerlan Soldier

  • Daerlan Soldier 1
    Off to the front yet again…
  • Daerlan Soldier 2
    Quiet or the commissar will hear.
  • Daerlan Soldier 3
    Rach, sheyss! Yn, twe! (Move, dammit! One-two!)

Deithwen Arbalest

  • Deithwen Arbalest 1
    Orde! (Yes, sir!)
  • Deithwen Arbalest 3
    Your life is mine now!
  • Deithwen Arbalest 2
    Wise choice.

Emhyr var Emreis


False Ciri

Fringilla Vigo

Henry var Attre

  • Henry var Attre 1
    Edna and Rosa - I must attend to their needs, their well-being.
  • Henry var Attre 2
    The empire brings progress, advances civilization.
  • Henry var Attre 3
    Thirteen years now I've served in Novigrad.

Impera Brigade

Impera Enforcers


  • Infiltrator 1
    I always find a way in.
  • Infiltrator 2
    If not by strength, then by stealth.
  • Infiltrator 3
    No door is closed to me.

Jan Calveit

  • Jan Calveit 1
    I forgive you… this time.
  • Jan Calveit 2
    I shall not repeat Emhyr’s mistakes.
  • Jan Calveit 3
    Onward sons of Nilfgaard!

Joachim de Wett

Leo Bonhart

Letho of Gulet, Letho: Kingslayer

  • Letho 1
    And I'll behave, I promise.
  • Letho 2
    Goddamn fools.
  • Letho 3
    I'm comin' for you.
  • Letho 4
    Yeah. Improvise.

Magne Division

  • Magne Division 1
    D'yaebl… (Devil…)
  • Magne Division 2
  • Magne Division 3
    My boots – got sand aplenty in them…

Master of Disguise

  • Master of Disguise 1
    A hundred faces, all yours to command.
  • Master of Disguise 2
    Confounded boots, another blister...
  • Master of Disguise 3
    I shall relieve them of all burdens.

Menno Coehoorn

Morvran Voorhis

Nauzicaa Brigade

Nauzicaa Sergeant

  • Nauzicaa Sergeant 1
    Aâ’anval neen orde! (Attack at will!)
  • Nauzicaa Sergeant 2
    Nauzicaaa - chargeeee!
  • Nauzicaa Sergeant 3
    Se'ege na tuvean! (Victory or death!)

Nilfgaardian Knight

  • Nilfgaardian Knight 1
    Know this - all roads lead to Nilfgaard!
  • Nilfgaardian Knight 2
    Order will triumph. It must triumph!
  • Nilfgaardian Knight 3
    Praise be to the great sun!

Peter Saar Gwynleve

Rainfarn of Attre

  • Rainfarn of Attre 1
    Attre remembers.
  • Rainfarn of Attre 2
    Do not assume you can order me around.
  • Rainfarn of Attre 3
    For Vissegerd!


  • Recruit 1
    Hundred and fifty-two, hundred and fifty-four…
  • Recruit 2
    Hundred and one, hundred and two, hundred and three…
  • Recruit 3
    Must be an important lesson in this. But what…?
  • Recruit 4
    New orders? No…? Ah…
  • Recruit 5
    Scrubbing duty again? Oh, gods…



  • Shilard 1
    An extraordinary plan.
  • Shilard 2
    As Your Imperial Majesty wishes.
  • Shilard 3
    Ugh, my lumbago is acting up.

Slave Driver

  • Slave Driver 1
    Back in line!
  • Slave Driver 2
    Fight for the emperor and you might be freed!
  • Slave Driver 3
  • Slave Driver 4
    Obedience or the lash.
  • Slave Driver 5
    To work!

Slave Hunter

  • Slave Hunter 1
    Catch him! He's worth twenty florens!
  • Slave Hunter 2
    Oooh! This one's got spirit!
  • Slave Hunter 3
    That will do.
  • Slave Hunter 4
    Used to be I hunted game. Men bring more coin.
  • Slave Hunter 5
    Zerrikania – source of the best goods.

Slave Infantry

  • Slave Infantry 1
    A-aye, aye s-sir..
  • Slave Infantry 2
    Don't… don't hit me.
  • Slave Infantry 3
    Of… of course.
  • Slave Infantry 4
    On y-y-your command.
  • Slave Infantry 5


  • Spotter 1
  • Spotter 2
    Dyaebl aep arse... (Bugger the devil...)
  • Spotter 3
    Eeee, var'oom? (Uhhh… what?)

Standard Bearer

  • Standard Bearer 1
    After me! Forward, march!
  • Standard Bearer 2
    For the Great Sun!
  • Standard Bearer 3
    Give it all you've got!
  • Standard Bearer 4
    Make your emperor proud!
  • Standard Bearer 5
    Victory is in our grasp!

Stefan Skellen

  • Stefan Skellen 1
    ACHOO! Ah, blast this cold.
  • Stefan Skellen 2
    The revolution is inevitable, merely a matter of time.
  • Stefan Skellen 3
    What do you need me to do?


  • Sweers 1
    Come on, Stalkers! We ride!
  • Sweers 2
    Hop to it, knaves!
  • Sweers 3
    Men are best kept on a short lead.

The Guardian, Lesser Guardian

Tibor Eggebracht


  • Usurper 3
    I shall make Nilfgaard great again!
  • Usurper1
    My dynasty will reign for one thousand years and longer!
  • Usurper 2
    Too long have we tolerated weak, sniveling emperors.


  • Vanhemar 1
    Ester garemnyth.
  • Vanhemar 2
    Show me what you’ve got.
  • Vanhmar 3
    Your words mean nothing now.

Vattier de Rideaux

  • Vattier de Rideaux 1
    All is in place.
  • Vattier de Rideaux 2
    I knew you would ask for this.
  • Vattier de Rideaux 3
    Proceed according to plan.

Venendal Elite

  • Venendal Elite 3
    Aen Ard Feain! (By the Great Sun!)
  • Venendal Elite 2
    Gloir aen Ker'zaer! (Glory to the Emperor!)
  • Venendal Elite 1
    Hael Ker'zaer! (Long live the Emperor!)

Vicovaro Medic

  • Vicovaro Medic 1
    Aegroto dum anima est, spes est. (As long as there is life, there is hope.)
  • Vicovaro Medic 2
    Mmm, a highly curious case.
  • Vicovaro Medic 3
    My prescription: a bit of bloodletting.

Vicovaro Novice (formerly NR Ban Ard Adept)

  • Vicovaro Novice 1
    Hah, that was not in the spell books!
  • Vicovaro Novice 2
    Now, how did that incantation go?
  • Vicovaro Novice 3
    Of course! As you wish, master!


Viper Witcher



  • Vrygheff 1
    Mercy I will not grant you.. Never.
  • Vrygheff 2
    You are dogs and I shall treat you as such..
  • Vrygheff 3
    You deserve to die! All! And you will!
  • Vrygheff 4
    You will pay for this. You all will pay.


Yennefer: Enchantress, Yennefer: Necromancer

  • Yennefer 1
    There'll be nothing to pick up when I’m done with you!
  • Yennefer 2
    You crossed the wrong sorceress!
  • Yennefer 3
    You’d best yield now!

NRRRNorthern Realms

Aedirnian Mauler (WIP)

  • Aedirnian Mauler 1
    Lookin' to dance, mate?
  • Aedirnian Mauler 2
    My favorite cut o' lamb? Th' shank.
  • Aedirnian Mauler 3
    Whatchu lookin' at?

Aretuza Adept

Ban Ard Tutor

Bloody Baron

Blue Stripe Commando

Blue Stripe Scout

Cursed Knight

  • Cursed Knight 1
  • Cursed Knight 2
    For the motherland!
  • Cursed Knight 3
    Never bend! Never kneel!
  • Cursed Knight 4
    Onward! Seltkirk leads the way!
  • Cursed Knight 5
    We'll hold 'em off!

Damned Sorceress

  • Damned Sorceress 1
    As you wish.
  • Damned Sorceress 2
    End this battle already, I've more important things to do.
  • Damned Sorceress 4
    Hm? What is it?
  • Damned Sorceress 3
    Odd… feeling a bit of déjà vu.
  • Damned Sorceress 5
    Where is Sabrina…?


  • Dandelion 1
    Asking me for help - now that’s smart.
  • Dandelion 2
    Famous last words right there.
  • Dandelion 3
    For you, my friend, always.
  • Dandelion 4
    Got a bad feeling about this…
  • Dandelion 5
    Rumors travel faster than the wind.
  • Dandelion 6
    The quill is mightier than the sword.
  • Dandelion 7
    With pleasure.


Dun Banner

Field Medic

Hubert Rejk

John Natalis

Kaedweni Cavalry

Kaedweni Knight

Kaedweni Revenant

  • Kaedweni Revenant 1
    At 'em, lads! Tomorrow we sup at home!
  • Kaedweni Revenant 2
    Fight! Maim! Kill!
  • Kaedweni Revenant 3
    For the king!
  • Kaedweni Revenant 4
  • Kaedweni Revenant 5
    We retreat, we hang - so Vandergrift says!

Kaedweni Sergeant

Keira Metz

King Foltest

King Henselt

King Radovid V


Margarita of Aretuza



Philippa Eilhart

Poor F'ing Infantry

Prince Stennis

Princess Adda

Princess Pavetta


Reaver Hunter

Reaver Scout

Redanian Elite

Redanian Knight

Redanian Knight-Elect

Ronvid the Incessant

Sabrina Glevissig, Sabrina's Specter

  • Sabrina Glevissig 1
    Battles are won or lost by the commanders, not by sorceresses.
  • Sabrina Glevissig 2
    I am ready.
  • Sabrina Glevissig 3

Seltkirk of Gulet


Siege Master

Siege Support

Sigismund Dijkstra

Sile de Tansarville

Temerian Drummer

Temerian Infantry


Tormented Mage

  • Tormented Mage 3
    Ahn'ka darad!
  • Tormented Mage 4
    Burn! Die!
  • Tormented Mage 2
    Down and away, dogs!
  • Tormented Mage 1
    Keep close! My magic shall protect you!
  • Tormented Mage 5
    Reduced to ash! There'll be nothing left to bury!

Tridam Infantry



Vernon Roche, Roche: Merciless


Vincent Meis

Witch Hunter




Barclay Els

Blue Mountain Elite


Brouver Hoog

Ciaran aep Easnillen

Dennis Cranmer

Dol Blathanna Archer

Dol Blathanna Archer (removed from the game)

Dol Blathanna Bomber

Dol Blathanna Bowman

Dol Blathanna Sentry

Dwarven Agitator

Dwarven Mercenary

Dwarven Skirmisher

Éibhear Hattori


  • Eithne 1
    Humans have no place in Brokilon.
  • Eithne 2
    I respect nothing human.
  • Eithne 3
    There will be no negotiation.


Elven Mercenary

Elven Scout

Elven Swordmaster



  • Filavandrel 1
    Enid an Gleanna!
  • Filavandrel 2
    Keep a stiff neck.
  • Filavandrel 3
    Pride is all we've left.

Francesca Findabair

  • Francesca Findabair 1
    My folk have suffered much.
  • Francesca Findabair 2
    Squaess'me, evellienn. (Forgive me, all.)
  • Francesca Findabair 3
    We do what must be done.

Half-Elf Hunter

  • Half-Elf Hunter 1
  • Half-Elf Hunter 2
  • Half-Elf Hunter 3
    Right, fine.
  • Half-Elf Hunter 4
    You annoy me.
  • Half-Elf Hunter 5

Hawker Healer

Hawker Smuggler

Hawker Support

Hawker Support (removed from the game)

Ida Emean aep Sivney

Iorveth, Iorveth: Meditation

  • Iorveth 1
    Enough of this farce! Vedrai! Enn’le! (You will see! Attack him!)
  • Iorveth 2
    I am who I need to be.
  • Iorveth 3
    Piece of lembas.
  • Iorveth 4
    Spar’le! (Shoot him!)

Isengrim Faoiltiarna, Isengrim: Outlaw

  • Isengrim 1
    No mercy!
  • Isengrim 2
    The only good human is a dead human.
  • Isengrim 3
    Vrihedd, spar’le! (For freedom! Shoot them!)

Ithlinne Aegli

Mahakam Defender

Mahakam Guard

Mahakam Marauder

Mahakam Volunteers




  • Milva 1
    Don’t you fret about me. Can take care o' meself.
  • Milva 2
    I’ll get it done.
  • Milva 3
    I trust no one. Never 'ave.

Morenn, Morenn: Forest Child

  • Morenn 1
    Manticore venom should do the trick.
  • Morenn 2
    Mother will be proud.
  • Morenn 3
    They’ll not leave here alive.

Pavko Gale (WIP)

  • Pavko Gale 1
    Bigger they are, easier they're to target.
  • Pavko Gale 2
  • Pavko Gale 3
    I've hit the white of an eye from half a league away.





Sheldon Skaggs


Vrihedd Brigade

Vrihedd Dragoon

Vrihedd Neophyte

Vrihedd Officer

Vrihedd Sappers

Vrihedd Vanguard


Xavier Moran


Yarpen Zigrin

Zoltan Chivay


Caranthir Ar-Feiniel

Brewess, Brewess: Ritual

  • Brewess 1
  • Brewess 2
    I’d suck every last drop out of you.

Weavess, Weavess: Incantation

  • Weavess 1
  • Weavess 2
    I sense your pain, I see your fear...
  • Weavess 3
    Soon, sisters, very soon.

Whispess, Whispess: Tribute

  • Whispess 1
    A word once given we never break.
  • Whispess 2
    I’d be your best… and last.
  • Whispess 3
    We're all dressed up just for you.


Eredin Bréacc Glas


  • Ge'els 1
    Ledwedd varlledu cyall, no ghar. (Paintings should convey emotion, not words.)
  • Ge'els 2
    Naivety is a fool’s blessing.



  • Miruna 1
    Cáemm... (Come...)
  • Miruna 2
    I shall sssssavour your death.
  • Miruna 3
    Such a shame I must kill you.


She-Troll of Vergen

  • She-Troll of Vergen 1
    More nicey to she-troll talk.
  • She-Troll of Vergen 2
    Rocks be lady-troll bestest friends.
  • She-Troll of Vergen 3
    What wants you?


  • Siren 1
    Come to me…
  • Siren 2
  • Siren 3
    You wouldn't want to hurt us… would you?

Unseen Elder

Whispering Hillock

Wild Hunt Navigator

Wild Hunt Rider

Wild Hunt Warrior


An Craite Armorsmith

  • An Craite Armorsmith 1
    Greetings! Wanna look over our stock?
  • An Craite Armorsmith 2
    Swords are for wenches. Get yourself an axe.
  • An Craite Armorsmith 3
    The sea provides.

An Craite Blacksmith

  • An Craite Blacksmith 1
    A billion barrels o' burnin' pitch!
  • An Craite Blacksmith 2
    Out with the crowns. C'mon, quick now!
  • An Craite Blacksmith 3
    So what, should I pound it into a poker?

An Craite Greatsword

An Craite Marauder

An Craite Raider

An Craite Warrior

  • An Craite Warrior 1
  • An Craite Warrior 2
    We’ll follow you always into the fray!
  • An Craite Warrior 3
    We’ll greet ‘em, we will. With fire and iron!

An Craite Warcrier

  • An Craite Warcrier 2
  • An Craite Warcrier 5
    For the kiiiiiii-- *cough, cough*… dammit all…
  • An Craite Warcrier 4
    Loooooot! Loooot!
  • An Craite Warcrier 1
  • An Craite Warcrier 3
    To waaaaar!

Berserker Marauder

  • Berserker Marauder 1
  • Berserker Marauder 2
    Who has the courage to fight the Vildkaarls? Eh?
  • Berserker Marauder 3
    You'll beg for death!

Birna Bran

  • Birna Bran 1
    So be it.
  • Birna Bran 3
    You stand before the Queen of Skellige!
  • Birna Bran 2
    We shall do it my way.

Blueboy Lugos

  • Blueboy Lugos 1
    C'mon, let’s go. Time to face our fears.
  • Blueboy Lugos 2
    For the clan! For Skellige!

Bran Tuirseach

Cerys an Craite, Cerys: Fearless

  • Cerys 1
    I’m ready.
  • Cerys 2
    Need a good slappin’?
  • Cerys 3
    Step careful, there.

Champion of Hov


Crach an Craite

  • Crach an Craite 3
    An Craite!
  • Crach an Craite 2
    For Skellige's glory!
  • Crach an Craite1
    You've got the heart of an An Craite.

Craven Revived (removed from the game)


  • Derran 1
    B - B-blood… Blood everywhere!
  • Derran 2
  • Derran 3
    N - No… Noooo… Hahahahaha!

Dimun Corsair

  • Dimun Corsair 1
    Gods're blowin' fair winds the day.
  • Dimun Corsair 2
    Got a bad case o' rower's back…
  • Dimun Corsair 3
    Ye've sailed into troubled waters, mate…

Dimun Pirate

  • Dimun Pirate 1
    Give us all you got.
  • Dimun Pirate 2
    Holger Blackhand’s takin’ on new swabbies, what d’you say?
  • Dimun Pirate 3
    You wanna pass, you gotta pay. Can’t let you through elseways.

Dimun Pirate Captain

  • Dimun Pirate Captain 1
    Told you it'd be worth it.
  • Dimun Pirate Captain 2
    What's this'un want?
  • Dimun Pirate Captain 3
    Won’t pay us in gold? Pay us in blood.

Dimun Smuggler

  • Dimun Smuggler 1
  • Dimun Smuggler 2
    Kill, loot, burn!
  • Dimun Smuggler 3
    We till not the soil, we sow not the seeds.

Djenge Frett

  • Djenge Frett 1
    Haven’t got all day!
  • Djenge Frett 2
    Ugh. Hate it when they run.
  • Djenge Frett 3
    You are comin’ with me, dead or alive.

Donar an Hindar

Draig Bon-Dhu

  • Draig Bon-Dhu 1
    Glory to ye.

Drummond Shieldmaid

  • Drummond Shieldmaid 1
    Give ‘em no rest! No reprieve!
  • Drummond Shieldmaid 2
    Nooooow! All together!
  • Drummond Shieldmaid 3
    Our shields are our ramparts!

Drummond Warmonger

  • Drummond Warmonger 1
    I'll take that treasure, tear yer gullet off with it!
  • Drummond Warmonger 2
    Lugos'll be burstin' with pride!
  • Drummond Warmonger 3
    War at last! War, my beloved!

Drummond Queensguard

  • Drummond Queensguard 1
  • Drummond Queensguard 2
  • Drummond Queensguard 3
    You’re good! Real good.

Eist Tuirseach

  • Eist Tuirseach 1
    Ehh, my beauteous Calanthe…
  • Eist Tuirseach 2
    No retreat! Not one step!
  • Eist Tuirseach 3
    Skellige and Cintra shall stand ever together!


  • Ermion 1
    I can help you if you wish.
  • Ermion 2
    Ugh. Gods protect us.


  • Gremist 1
    Gods… not a moment's peace.
  • Gremist 3
    Have you nothin better to do?
  • Gremist 2
    That is your brilliant move? Truly?
  • Gremist 4
    Ugh. Not you again.

Harald Houndsnout

  • Harald Houndsnout 1
    Hahaha! Wilhelm, you're daft! Stop it!
  • Harald Houndsnout 2
    Wilfred, get up! Wilfred!
  • Harald Houndsnout 3
    Wilmar! D'ye hear?! They need us!

Harald the Cripple

  • Harald the Cripple 1
    Here’s to better loot than in yer wildest wettest dreams!
  • Harald the Cripple 2
    To arms! All o' youse!
  • Harald the Cripple 3
    Up and at 'em you lazy bastards! You'll sleep when you're dead.

Harald the Cripple (replaced by the one above)


Heymaey Flaminica

  • Heymaey Flaminica 1
    Atimes, nature needs a helpin' hand.
  • Heymaey Flaminica 2
    Ever danced with a daemon in the light of the full moon?
  • Heymaey Flaminica 3
    Nature's a fickle beast.

Heymaey Herbalist

  • Heymaey Herbalist 1
    Modron Freya will protect us.
  • Heymaey Herbalist 2
    Oh Freya, Thy very name is mercy.
  • Heymaey Herbalist 3
    The Great Mother's grace is boundless.

Heymaey Skald

  • Heymaey Skald 1
    Cross the wide, somber sea - I will sail.
  • Heymaey Skald 2
    Don’t you pester me.
  • Heymaey Skald 3
    Hey, listen here, listen well!

Heymaey Spearmaiden

Heymaey Protector

  • Heymaey Protector 1
    Either with my shield or on it!
  • Heymaey Protector 2
    Freya's bulwark – that's what we are!
  • Heymaey Protector 3
    Ye shan't get through!

Hjalmar an Craite

Holger Blackhand

Jutta an Dimun

  • Jutta an Dimun 1
    Exactly what I’d hoped for.
  • Jutta an Dimun 2
    May Freya choose the victor.
  • Jutta an Dimun 3
    So? No one else dares face me?

Madman Lugos


Priestess of Freya

  • Priestess of Freya 1
    Bow before modron Freya!
  • Priestess of Freya 2
    Modron Freya is patient - but she brooks no insult.
  • Priestess of Freya
    We serve her who is virgin, mother and crone.

Raging Berserker

  • Raging Berserker 1
    Comin' to get ya.
  • Raging Berserker 2
    I’ll eat your heart!
  • Raging Berserker 3
    Kill! Maim! Destroy!


  • Sigrdrifa 1
    May modron Freya watch us and keep us!
  • Sigrdrifa 2
    The goddess protect you from all evil.
  • Sigrdrifa 3
    What do you need?

Sigrdrifa (replaced by the ones above)


  • Skjall 1
    I fear nothin’!
  • Skjall 2
  • Skjall 3
    We’ll go at ‘em together!

Svanrige Tuirseach

  • Svanrige Tuirseach 1
    I shan’t let you down!
  • Svanrige Tuirseach 2
    I swear on my honor!
  • Svanrige Tuirseach 3
    I will prove my worth.
  • Svanrige Tuirseach 4
    We move out at once.
  • Svanrige Tuirseach 5
    We’ve no time to lose!

Tuirseach Archer

  • Tuirseach Archer 1
    By Hemdall’s axe!
  • Tuirseach Archer 2
    By the wraiths of Mörhogg!
  • Tuirseach Archer 3
    Keep together!

Tuirseach Axeman

  • Tuirseach Axeman 1
    For Bran!
  • Tuirseach Axeman 2

Tuirseach Bearmaster

  • Tuirseach Bearmaster 1
    C'mere, come get a hearty bear hug. Hahaha!
  • Tuirseach Bearmaster 2
    Get 'im, Voytek!
  • Tuirseach Bearmaster 3
    He don't like you.
  • Tuirseach Bearmaster 4
    Sure, you can pet 'im. Long as you don't mind losin' an arm.
  • Tuirseach Bearmaster 5
    Voytek! Down!

Tuirseach Hunter

  • Tuirseach Hunter 1
    I promise you a quick death!
  • Tuirseach Hunter 2
    Mörhogg devour ye!
  • Tuirseach Hunter 3
    What is it?

Tuirseach Skirmisher

  • Tuirseach Skirmisher 1
    Best not get in the way of me axe.
  • Tuirseach Skirmisher 2
    Kraken eat me goolies, lookie here.
  • Tuirseach Skirmisher 3
    Nothin' like some overseas plunderin' in springtime.

Tuirseach Veteran

  • Tuirseach Veteran 1
    Mayhap you'll gawk at Zerrikania's marvels too one day.
  • Tuirseach Veteran 2
    Scars're all the trophies I need.
  • Tuirseach Veteran 3
    Seen it all already. And then some.




  • Yoana 1
    Armor is art.
  • Yoana 3
    Atimes I miss the isles…
  • Yoana 2
    Fergus, master of the craft - tell me another one.
  • Yoana 4
    Sure, make me do all the work, like always.

Icon Neutral Neutral


Avallac’h, Avallac'h: Sage

  • Avallac'h 1
    Appearances can be deceiving.
  • Avallac'h 2
    At last.
  • Avallac'h 3
    It’s time.
  • Avallac'h 4
    You will see it… in your dream.

Ciri, Ciri: Dash, Ciri: Nova

  • Ciri 1
    Don’t make me laugh!
  • Ciri 2
    Ho-ho, I sense trouble.
  • Ciri 3
    Yield and save me some time!
  • Ciri 4
    You’ve talked enough.


  • Cleaver 1
    I'm a dwarf o' business.
  • Cleaver 2
    Nuff gob-flappin'!
  • Cleaver 3
    Snitches get stitches!

Cyprian Wiley

  • Cyprian Wiley 1
  • Cyprian Wiley 2
    Heheh. Slow, ain't ya?
  • Cyprian Wiley 3
    Well, we've nattered enough.

Dandelion: Poet, Dandelion: Vainglory

  • Dandelion 1
    Asking me for help - now that’s smart.
  • Dandelion 2
    Famous last words right there.
  • Dandelion 3
    For you, my friend, always.
  • Dandelion 4
    Got a bad feeling about this…
  • Dandelion 5
    Rumors travel faster than the wind.
  • Dandelion 6
    The quill is mightier than the sword.
  • Dandelion 7
    With pleasure.

Dorregaray of Vole

  • Dorregaray of Vole 1
    A g-g-golden dragon!
  • Dorregaray of Vole 2
    I do not mince words. On principle.
  • Dorregaray of Vole 3
    Mankind is a virus, a plague.
  • Dorregaray of Vole 4
    Our world is in harmony.


  • Dudu 1
    I-if I must…
  • Dudu 2
    I-I'm coming... Coming.
  • Dudu 3
    S-since you... i-insist.

Eskel, Eskel: Pathfinder

  • Eskel 1
    All right.
  • Eskel 2
    Gettin' to work.
  • Eskel 3
    Sure, no problem.
  • Eskel 4
    This will be quick and painful.

Duda: Agitator, Duda: Companion

Gaunter O’Dimm

Geralt of Rivia, Geralt: Aard, Geralt: Igni, Geralt: Yrden, Geralt: Professional

  • Geralt 1
    Any last words?
  • Geralt 2
  • Geralt 3
    I hate portals.
  • Geralt 4
    Let’s get this over with.
  • Geralt 5
    Not your lucky day.

Germain Piquant

  • Germain Piquant 1
    Begone! Begone, you devils!
  • Germain Piquant 2
    Die! Burn!
  • Germain Piquant 3
    We'll defend our homes no matter what!
  • Germain Piquant 4
    You won't take us alive!



King of Beggars

Lambert, Lambert: Swordmaster

  • Lambert 1
    A bit of respect. You're not talkin' to Geralt.
  • Lambert 2
    Been waiting a long time for this.
  • Lambert 3
    Don’t teach your grandma to suck eggs.
  • Lambert 4
    I'm in no mood to talk.
  • Lambert 5
    Now that's the kind of negotiating I understand.
  • Lambert 6
    So, what's our plan?

Iris' Companions


Olgierd von Everec

  • Olgierd von Everec 1
    A moment. I need to smoke.
  • Olgierd von Everec 2
    Death holds no surprises.
  • Olgierd von Everec 3
    I’m in no mood for jests.


Peasant Militia, Peasant (WIP)

  • Peasant Militia 1
  • Peasant Militia 2
    My spirit's willing and how, but these damn boots are killing me.
  • Peasant Militia 3
    There's a time to reap, a time to sow.. and a time to die..



  • Sarah 1
  • Sarah 2
    Did I scare you?
  • Sarah 3
    Do you want to tickle me?

Shupe's Day Off, Shupe: Mage, Shupe: Hunter, Shupe: Knight

  • Shupe's Day Off 3
    Haha! Good Gwenty-card! Bestestest!
  • Shupe's Day Off 5
    Hahaha! Shupe paintysmear gwentycards. Like you? Yah-yah? Hahah..
  • Shupe's Day Off 4
    Human Shupe say?
  • Shupe's Day Off 1
    Shupe madily make, Shupe rockdrop you!
  • Shupe's Day Off 2
    Shuuuuuuuuupe! Shuuuuupe!


  • Stregobor 1
    I shall help. Best as I can.
  • Stregobor 2
    She's closing in...
  • Stregobor 3
    Shrike! That's.. that's impossible!
  • Stregobor 4
    Some keep a vigil so that others may sleep.

Triss Merigold, Triss: Butterfly Spell, Triss: Telekinesis

  • Triss Merigold 1
    Addan quen spars-paerpe'tlon Vort!
  • Triss Merigold 2
    How can I help?
  • Triss Merigold 3
    I’ll do what I can.
  • Triss Merigold 4
    I sense strong magic.
  • Triss Merigold 5
    I will not let this become a second Sodden!
  • Triss Merigold 6
    Just great.


  • Vaedermaker & Vicovaro Novice 1
    Now, how did that incantation go?

Vesemir, Vesemir: Mentor

  • Vesemir 1
    I’m too old for this shit.
  • Vesemir 2
    Not much left of that world.
  • Vesemir 3
    Tomfoolery! Enough!

Yennefer, Yennefer: Conjurer

  • Yennefer 1
    There'll be nothing to pick up when I’m done with you!
  • Yennefer 2
    You crossed the wrong sorceress!
  • Yennefer 3
    You’d best yield now!

Zoltan: Scoundrel

MahakamAleFestb Ale Festival

King Bran

Brouver Hoog

Gabor Zigrin

Drunken Sailor

Drunken Dwarf


Draig Bon-Dhu


Peasant Woman




Champion of Champions

Mixture Icon Saovine

Germain of Fox Hollow


Queen of the Night




Archer & Yeoman Archer


MidwinterIconLeft Midwinter Hunt


Djenge Frett