Other trolls always considered him a bit odd - after all, who in their right mind would prefer colorful scraps of paper to rocks?


If your starting deck has no duplicates, send Shupe on an adventure.

Shupe: Mage.

Shupe: Hunter.

Shupe: Knight.

Voice Lines

  • Shupe's Day Off 3
    Haha! Good Gwenty-card! Bestestest!
  • Shupe's Day Off 5
    Hahaha! Shupe paintysmear gwentycards. Like you? Yah-yah? Haha.
  • Shupe's Day Off 4
    Human Shupe say?
  • Shupe's Day Off 1
    Shupe madily make, Shupe rockdrop you!
  • Shupe's Day Off 2
    Shuuuuuuuuupe! Shuuuuupe!

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