Rank Based

Novice Apprentice Journeyman Adept Cardsharp Master Grabdnaster
Rank 3 Rank 6 Rank 9 Rank 12 Rank 15 Rank 18 Rank 21

Season 1 Based (no longer obtainable)

Man-at-Arms Mercenary Bounty Hunter Veteran Champion Hero
1-1000 1-500 1-250 1-100 1-10 1

Season 2 Based (no longer obtainable)

Ranger Trapper Hunter Rebel Defender Protector
1-1000 1-500 1-250 1-100 1-10 1

Season 3 Based (no longer obtainable)

Dragon Hatchling Young Drake WyvernTitle SlyzardTitle Great Wyrm Title Golden DragonTitle
1-1000 1-750 1-500 1-250 1-100 1-25

Season 4 Based

Wild Hunt Hound Title Wild Hunt Warrior Title Wild Hunt Rider Title Wild Hunt Navigaotr Title Wild Hunt General Title Wild Hunt King Title
1-1000 1-750 1-500 1-250 1-100 1-25

Seasonal Events' Based (no longer obtainable)

Accomplished Drinker Higher Vampire Title
Ale Fest Saovine

Closed Beta Participation (no longer obtainable)


Available to everyone


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