Card Art

Hagha Ewqewq SCO Riordain Avallachthesage Siren2 Siren Siren3 Poor infantry2 Poor infantry3 Poor Infantry 4 Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry2 Nenneke2 Field Medic 2 Dun Banner Coral2 Execute Feast Operator 3 Epidemic2 Dorregarayph Banardtutorph Magnecavalrydivisionph Clandrummondwarmongerph Vesemirph Eskelph Lambertph Zapphire Falibor Scout Derran Milaen Eyck Lyrian Heavy Cavalry2 Gascon2 Aguara human2 Aguara fox form 2
Clear weatherAssassin MonsterssCockatrice Scoia taelRiordain Icon Neutral Avallac'h: the Sage MonsterssSiren MonsterssSiren MonsterssSiren Northern RealmsPoor Infantry Northern RealmsPoor Infantry Northern RealmsPoor Infantry Northern RealmsDun Banner Heavy Cavalry Northern RealmsNenneke Northern RealmsField Medic Northern RealmsDun Banner SkelligeCoral SkelligeExecute SkelligeFeast Icon Neutral Operator Icon Neutral Epidemic Icon Neutral Dorregaray Northern RealmsBan Ard Tutor Clear weatherMagne Cavalry Division SkelligeClan Drummond Warmonger Icon Neutral Vesemir Icon Neutral Eskel Icon Neutral Lambert MonsterssZapphire Northern RealmsFalibor Northern RealmsScout Derran Scoia taelMilaen Northern RealmsEyck of Denesle Northern RealmsLyrian Heavy Cavalry Icon Neutral Gascon Icon Neutral Aguara: Human Form Icon Neutral Aguara: Fox Form

Cards and their Voice Lines


Anna Henrietta (Leader)

Usurper (Leader)




Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen

Artorious Vigo



Vivienne (possibly Neutral)

Henry var Attre

Alba Armored Division

Magne Cavalry Division

Vendendal Elite

Archer Support

Basic Infantry (?)

Ducal Guard

Toussaint Knight-Errant

Viper School Witchers


Heavy Fire Scorpion

NRRRNorthern Realms

Demavend (Leader)

Jacques de Aldesberg




Caleb Menge


Tamara Stengen

Vincent Meis

Ban Ard Tutor

She-Troll (possibly Neutral)

Priest of Eternal Fire

Eternal Fire Inquisitor

Witch Hunter

Witch Hunter Executioner

Cleric of the Flaming Rose

Knights of the Flaming Rose

Footmen of the Flaming Rose

Temerian Drummer

Kaedweni Knight

Eyck of Denesle


Queen Meve (Leader)

Lyrian Arbalist

Lyrian Heavy Cavalry

Lyrian Landsnechts

Redanian Man-at-Arms

Battering Ram




Vereena (possibly Neutral)

Nivellen (likely Neutral)


Plague Maiden


Greater Brothers (possibly NR)

Weaker Mutant (possibly NR)











Filavandrel (possibly a Leader)




Xavier Moran

Dol Blathanna Swordmaster

Vrihedd Infiltrator

Brokilon Sentinels

Dryad Grove Shaper

Dryad Ranger

Dwarf Pyrotechnician

Mahakam Marauder

Iorveth's Commando


Great Oak


Eist Tuirseach (possibly a Leader)

Tyr (possibly a Leader)

Harald Houndsnout

Otrygg an Hindar




Clan Tuirseach Veteran

Clan Haeymay Battle Cleric

Clan Haeymay Protector

Gledyneith Flaminica

Clan Dimun Corsair

Clan Dimun Raider

Clan an Craite Greatswords

Clan Brokvar Marauder

Clan Drummond Warmonger

Priest of Svalblod

Svalblod Cultist

Minor Shieldmaiden (?)


Icon Neutral Neutral

Stegobor (possibly NR)

Doregaray (possibly NR)

Hubert Rejk



Ronvid of Small Marsh

Lady of the Lake


Demon Cat (possibly Monsters)

Demon Dog (possibly Monsters)'

Assassin (likely Faction-related)

Sage (likely Faction-related)

Diviner (likely Faction-related)

Infiltrator (likely Faction-related)

Menagerie Keeper (likely Faction-related)

Farseer (likely Faction-related)

Masters of Disguise (likely Faction-related)

Water of Brokilon (possibly Scoia'Tael)


Flavor Text

Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen: Warfare is mere sound and fury - diplomacy is what truly shapes history.
Vreemde: Discipline is the Empire's deadliest weapon.
Rogue Mage:Those who are expelled from the Ban Ard Academy often continue studying on their own, in defiance of the laws established by the Council and Conclave.
Shaelmaar: Imagine a cross between a mole and an armadillo, but ten feet tall and with an appetite for human flesh.
Plague Maiden: The sick rave about a boil-pocked woman surrounded by herds of rabid rats...
Werewolf: Wolves aren't as bad as they say. Werewolves, though - they're worse.
Cockatrice: Born of an egg laid by a cockerel... if you believe such peasant drive!
Garkain: Blood-drinkers and corpse-eaters so foul their very ugliness paralyses foes.
Siren: The fool paid heed to superstition, stuffed his ears with wax and didn't hear the warnings. He ran his ship straight into the rocks.
Filavandrel: Though we are now few and scattered, our hearts burn brighter than ever.
Riordain: Stare into their eyes, feast on their terror. Then go in for the kill.
Avallac'h: the Sage: Welcome to the Ddiddiwedht Desert.

Avatars and Announcers

Brouver Hoog Avatar' EithneAvatar Avatar-default HaraldAvatar King BranAvatar Demavend Avatar RadovidAvatar HenseltAvatar Eredin Avatar DagonAvatar Unseen ElderAvatar Avatar-default John Calveit Avatar Morvran Avatar Avatar-default Avatar-default Avatar-default Zapphire Avatar Arachas Avatar Horder Avatar FaliborAvatar MilaenAvatar TorinaAvatar Lyrian Soldier Avatar
Brouver Hoog Eithne Francesca Harald King Bran Demavend Radovid Henselt Eredin Dagon Unseen Elder Vernon Roche John Calveit Morvran Letho Zoltan Shoop Zapphire Arachas Horde Falibor Milaen Torina Lyrian Soldier








Eredin Avatar
  • Bloede verin!
  • Wrong. Grave error.
  • You would make a good slave.
  • All is as it should be.
  • You know well how this will end.
  • Resistance is futile.
  • It is inevitable.
  • Swiftly, to the end.
  • You waste my time, insolent rabble.
  • And I thought this would be boring.
  • Show me what you can do.
  • You shall perish, worm.
  • You shall be mine, Zireael. (reacting to Ciri)
  • You betrayed me for the last time. (reacting to Avallac'h)
  • Unreliable, but effective at times. (reacting to Imlertih)
  • A useful tool. (reacting to Caranthir)
  • When backed into a corner, he can bite. (reacting to Geralt)
  • Succulent bait, nothing more. (reacting to Yennefer)
  • These beasts should have died off long ago. (reacting to Unicorns)
  • Dearg Ruadhri! (reacting to Wild Hunt Riders)
  • He was weak. He had to go. (reacting to Auberon)
  • Hahahahaha! (reacting to Uma)

  • Hm, I underestimated you.
  • Enough of this! Enough, I said!
  • I value your service.
  • Check and mate.
  • I'm supposed to fear "that"?
  • Impressive, is it not?
  • That was close. Too close.
  • This grows more and more irritating…
  • A novice's misstep.
  • Intriguing.
  • Pathetic!
  • You shall lose your head for that!
  • She will suffer… long and immensely. (reacting to Philippa)
  • Our paths cross altogether too often for my taste. (reacting to Geralt)
  • Good to see you again, my dear. (reacting to Adda)
  • At last! A worthy opponent. (reacting to Emhyr)
  • Accursed witch. (reacting to Sile, Margarita or Keira)
  • Mages have but one choice - to grovel or die. (reacting to any Mage)
  • I will make Philippa regret ordering your murder. (reacting to Vizimir)
  • You dismissed me, always. A grave error. (reacting to other Northern Kings)
  • Slippery. I never trusted him. (reacting to Dijkstra)
  • A useful, albeit dangerous, tool. (reacting to Vernon)

Morvran Avatar
Morvran Voorhis
  • Well played, my friend!
  • Bloede arse!
  • Why, thank you!
  • You will like this.
  • Let us see if I can't do something about that.
  • Just the beginning, a mere opening.
  • Tremendous luck.
  • I don't mean to rush you, but…
  • Interesting, very interesting…
  • Sorry! My mistake.
  • That a jest, friend?
  • Forgive me, but I must destroy you.
  • He does not yet know it, but his time will soon come to an end. (reacting to Emhyr)
  • A charming creature, though slightly uncouth. (reacting to Ciri)
  • Far more than a simple witcher… (reacting to Geralt)
  • The North's finest flower, in full bloom. (reacting to Maria La Valette)
  • An unbearable loss for the Corporation. (reacting to Shilard)
  • The Alba Division knows no equal. (reacting to Alba Units)
  • His name shall be struck from all records and memory. (reacting to Usurper)
  • Hm. Not terribly fond of my likeness. (reacting to Voorhis)

  • Splendid maneuver.
  • A d'yaebl aep arse!
  • You have my thanks.
  • The Aen Seidhe could surprise you at any time.
  • We've bested far worse threats.
  • We are Aen Seidhe. You underestimate our strength.
  • Destiny is our ally.
  • You put my patience to the test.
  • Very interesting…
  • Squaess'me.
  • Well… you are only human.
  • You will vanish! We shall cast you into oblivion!
  • Forgive me… I did it for the greater good. (reacting to Iorveth)
  • We work arm in arm. For the good of Magic. (reacting to a Sorceress)
  • Our day will yet come, my old friend. (reacting to Filavandrel)
  • Ceádmil, Aen Saevherne. (reacting to Ida Emean)
  • He's far from perfect, but he is our only hope. (reacting to Emhyr)
  • Hen Ichaer... It must be tamed. (reacting to Ciri)
  • One of the more reasonable dh’oine. (reacting to Hen Gedyneith)
  • Necessary evil incarnate, yet still Aen Seidhe. (reacting to Isengrim)

Letho of Gulet
  • You're not that bad.
  • Hrmph… not good.
  • Hm, thanks.
  • Now watch closely.
  • A temporary obstacle.
  • Watch and learn.
  • Close one.
  • C'mon! Play!
  • Interesting.
  • One mistake after another.
  • Amateur.
  • Gonna be too easy, this.
  • Another head will roll, that's all. (reacting to Demavend, Foltest or Henselt)
  • Showed 'em hell at the Hanged Man's Tree… (reacting to Eredin)
  • I owe him my life. (reacting to Geralt)
  • No idea what all the fuss is about. (reacting to Yennefer)
  • We'll meet again one day, my friends. (reacting to Serrit, Auckes and other Witchers)
  • Poor little naive Síle.
  • Not one Nordling king is fit to clean his boots. (reacting to Emhyr)
  • And what'd all that fealty to tradition get them? (reacting to Witchers)

Vernon Roche
  • My, my. I'm actually impressed.
  • Why you rotten little cu--
  • Thanks.
  • We shall strike swiftly and precisely.
  • Quite a lot of them, now.
  • My men know their trade.
  • Close call.
  • Hurry up, you layabout.
  • Interesting.
  • Bad. Very bad.
  • You must try harder.
  • Cut them down to a man!
  • Take that ploughing pipe, Iorveth, and stick it up you’re a––
  • Cursed traitor. (reacting to Dijkstra)
  • His mind is long lost. (reacting to Radovid)
  • Strong-headed as ever. Hrmph. (reacting to Ves)
  • Like to get my hands on him. Around his neck. (reacting to Isengrim or Yaevinn)
  • Geralt is a good man.
  • Slippery as an eel, but you're better off having him on your side. (reacting to Thaler)
  • Best ploughing forces in the world! (reacting to Blue Stripes)

  • Ha! How aboot that!
  • Duvvelsheyss!
  • Thanks for that, pal!
  • Oh, things're aboot tae get spicy!
  • That drizzly fart's the best ye got?
  • Ha! Now that's a proper army!
  • Sheep dip… that was close.
  • Get a move on, ye friggin' lollygagger!
  • Oh… well, that's interestin'.
  • Hm, not quite what I was aimin' for
  • Where'd ye get yer cards? Outta King Desmond's chamber pot?
  • Gonna kick ye so hard in the arse, ye'll taste boot leather!
  • Oh, Dandelion… ye dear old bag o' gas.
  • Liked 'er better when she was my pet owl. (reacting to Philippa)
  • There he is – stalest fart around. (reacting to Brouver Hoog)
  • A right clever exotic bird, though a wee coarse in manners. (reacting to Field Marshall Duda)
  • Hah! Yarpen Zigrin, been ages, pal!
  • Wonder what Percy's up tae these days. (reacting to Percival Schuttenbach)
  • Our mutual enterprise went tits up. (reacting to Figgis Merluzzo)
  • He could use a bit o' rest, rum and relaxation. (reacting to Geralt)

  • Goodie card drop!
  • Ohhh…
  • Oooh! Thank!
  • Look-look! Now Shøp gwentycard drop.
  • Uman that gwentycard drop… Shoop think.
  • Look-look! Shoop that drop!
  • Phew…
  • Shoop whole day not got!
  • In-tres-ting… like rocks!
  • Uh-oh…
  • Oh… silly Shoop thought uman good gwentyplay.
  • Oy! No! Or Shoop all glitterocks and kegs back take!
  • Prettybirds draw… (reacting to Trollolo)
  • Oooh… error troll! (reacting to Champion of Champions)
  • Shoop worry much 'bout that troll. (reacting to Drunken Troll)
  • Ya, ya… troll. (reacting to other Trolls)
  • That troll Shoop troll! (reacting to Himself)
  • But but… why good rocks toss? (reacting to Machines)
  • Ohhh wow… walkie rock! (reacting to Golems and Elementals)
  • Good uman, teach trolls talkietalk. (reacting to Thaler)

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