Card Art

UsurperART FilavandrelART Eist TuirseachART UnknownART Cursed Sword AddaT BurzaT Orianna. Queen of the Night Garkain & Cry in the Dark Cook Lyrian Scytheman & Scytheman Dragon's Dream Castle Gate Castle Gate; Open Palisade Rat Stregobor Kaedweni Knight Dryad Ranger StrigaBQ SCO Riordain Syrennnnn Siren Siren3 Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry2 Coral2 Shupe Thirsty Troll Trollalala & Troll - Heeeeee Gabor Zigrin Rhapsodic Melody Bardic Power Chords WeavessG Anna Henrietta Art Detlaff Art Detlaff; Higher Vampire2 Zapphire Falibor Scout Derran Milaen Eyck Lyrian Heavy Cavalry2 Gascon2 Aguara human2 Aguara fox form 2 QueenMeveNR CountCaldwellS LyrianArbalistQ RaynardLQ BanditQ
Clear weatherUsurper Scoia taelFilavandrel SkelligeEist Tuirseach Scoia taelSihil Northern RealmsCursed Weapon Northern RealmsAdda Icon Neutral Burza (?) Icon Neutral Orianna MonsterssBruxa MonsterssGarkain Clear weatherPuttkamer Northern RealmsLyrian Scytheman Icon Neutral Dragon's Dream Icon Neutral Castle Gate Icon Neutral Castle Gate: Open Icon Neutral Palisade Icon Neutral Rat Icon Neutral Stregobor Northern RealmsKaedweni Knight Scoia taelDryad Ranger Northern RealmsStriga Scoia taelRiordain MonsterssSiren MonsterssSiren MonsterssSiren Northern Realms(?) SkelligeCoral: Icon Neutral Shupe MonsterssTroll of Vergen MonsterssWham - a - Wham (?) Scoia taelGabor Zigrin Icon Neutral Rhapsodic Melody Icon Neutral Bardic Power Chords MonsterssWeavess (?) Clear weatherAnna Henrietta MonsterssDettlaff MonsterssDetlaff: Higher Vampire MonsterssZapphire Northern RealmsFalibor Northern RealmsScout Derran Scoia taelMilaen Northern RealmsEyck of Denesle Northern RealmsLyrian Heavy Cavalry Icon Neutral Gascon MonsterssAguara: Human Form MonsterssAguara: Fox Form Northern RealmsQueen Meve Northern Realms Count Caldwell Northern RealmsLyrian Arbalist (?) Icon Neutral Raynard Icon Neutral Bandit (?)

Cards and their Voice Lines



Anna Henrietta (Leader)

Usurper (Leader)

Rience (Gold)

Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen (Gold)

Vreemde (Gold)

Artorious Vigo

Palmerin (Silver)

Milton (Silver)

Vivienne: Human / Bird (Silver)

Henry var Attre (Silver)

Nauzicaa Cavalry Support

Archer Support

Basic Infantry (?)

Ducal Guard (Bronze)

Toussaint Knight-Errant (Bronze)

Jousting Champion (Bronze)

Viper School Witchers (Bronze)

Masters of Disguise (Bronze)

Menagerie Keeper (Bronze)

Poisoner (Bronze)

Diviner (Bronze)

Northern Realms

NRRRNorthern Realms

Demavend (Leader)

Queen Meve (Leader)

Jacques de Aldesberg (Gold)


Adda (Gold)


Caleb Menge (Silver)


Tamara Stenger (Silver)

Vincent Meis / Vincent: Werewolf (Silver)

Lyrian Arbalist (Bronze)

Lyrian Scytheman (Bronze)

Eternal Fire Priest (Bronze)

Eternal Fire Inquisitor (Bronze)

Witch Hunter Executioner (Bronze)

Cleric of the Flaming Rose (Bronze)

Knights of the Flaming Rose (Bronze)

Footmen of the Flaming Rose (Bronze)

Kaedweni Knight (Bronze)

Greater Brothers (Bronze)

Weaker Mutant (Bronze)

Raynard (Gold)

  • See Unknown section below.

Lyrian Heavy Cavalry (Bronze)

  • See Unknown section below.

Lyrian Landsnechts (Bronze)

  • See Unknown section below.

Philippa: Owl (Gold)

  • No Voice Lines yet.
  • No Voice Lines yet.

Striga (Gold, possibly a Token)

  • No Voice Lines yet.
  • No Voice Lines yet.

Eternal Fire Executioner (Bronze)

  • No Voice Lines yet.
  • No Voice Lines yet.

Mutant Assassin (Bronze)

  • No Voice Lines yet.
  • No Voice Lines yet.



Dettlaff: Human / Monster (Unknown: Leader / Gold)

Aguara: Human / Fox (Gold)

Vereena (possibly Neutral)


Plague Maiden (Silver)

Siren: Human / Monster (Bronze)

Golyat (Gold)

Shaelmaar (Silver)

Shrieker (Silver) [The sounds below were likely taken to be used by a Cockatrice.]

Noonwraith (Bronze)

Garkain (Bronze)

Werewolf (Bronze)

Werecat (Bronze)

  • No Voice Lines yet.
  • No Voice Lines yet.

Barghest (Bronze)

  • No environment sounds yet.
  • No environment sounds yet.

Nightwraith (Bronze)

  • No environment sounds yet.
  • No environment sounds yet.

Bruxa (Bronze)

  • No environment sounds yet.
  • No environment sounds yet.

Fleder (Bronze)

  • No environment sounds yet.
  • No environment sounds yet.

Alp (Silver)

  • No Voice Lines yet.
  • No Voice Lines yet.

The Beast (Silver)

  • No Voice Lines yet.
  • No Voice Lines yet.



Filavandrel (Leader)


Sirissa (Silver)

Fauve (Silver)

Xavier Moran (Silver)

Vrihedd Infiltrator

Brokilon Sentinels (Bronze)

Dryad Grove Shaper (Bronze)

Dryad Ranger (Bronze)

Iorveth's Commando (Bronze)

Ihuarraquax (Gold)

Great Oak (Gold)

Panthers (Bronze, likely a Token)

  • No Voice Lines yet.
  • No Voice Lines yet.

Trenat Boar (Bronze, likely a Token)

  • No Voice Lines yet.
  • No Voice Lines yet.

Trenat Mantis (Bronze, likely a Token)

  • No Voice Lines yet.
  • No Voice Lines yet.



Eist Tuirseach (Leader)

Tyr (Gold)

Otkell (Gold)

Otrygg an Hindar (Silver)


Heymaey Protector (Bronze)

Dimun Corsair (Bronze)

Dimun Raider (Bronze)

Brokvar Marauder

Priest of Svalblod (Bronze)

Svalblod Cultist (Bronze)

Hym (Silver)

Yngvar (Gold)

  • No Voice Lines yet.
  • No Voice Lines yet.

Ulfhedinn (Silver)

  • No Voice Lines yet.
  • No Voice Lines yet.

Olaf (Silver)

  • No environment sounds yet.
  • No environment sounds yet.

Beastmaster (Bronze)

  • See Unknown section below.

Clan Dimun Warship (Bronze)

  • No environment sounds yet.
  • No environment sounds yet.


Icon Neutral Neutral

Syanna (Gold)

Shupe (Gold)

Stregobor (Silver)

Nivellen (Silver)

Orianna (Silver)

Hubert Rejk (Silver)


Lady of the Lake

Demon Cat (possibly Monsters)

Demon Dog (possibly Monsters)

Uma (Gold)

Eyck of Denesle (Silver)

Water of Brokilon (Bronze, Special)

Trail of Grasses (Gold, Special)

  • No environment sounds yet.
  • No environment sounds yet.

Moonlight (Bronze, Special)

  • No environment sounds yet.
  • No environment sounds yet.

Unknown Part 1

01. Falibor

02. Falibor's Archer

03. Bandit

04. Bandit Archer

05. Milaen

06. Scout Derran

07. Lyrian Heavy Cavalry?

08. Lyrian Landsknecht?

09. Rivian ______?

10. Gascon Bandit?



13. Beastmaster?

14. Gascon Thug?


16. Raynard?

17. Gascon?

18. Count Caldwell?


20. Puttkamer?


Unknown Part 2


02. (Mahakam Volunteer Army? / Gabor Zigrin?





07. Rayla?

08. Eyck of Denesle?



11. Borkh Three Jackdaws?




15. Clan Tuirseach ___?





Flavor Text

Coral: Gravedigger; Digging mass graves, disinterring the dead, reassembling corpses torn asunder… All doable with grace, provided the right hands and attitude.
Shaelmaar: Imagine a cross between a mole and an armadillo, but ten feet tall and with an appetite for human flesh.
Garkain: The vilest vampire I've ever had the misfortune to lay eyes upon.
Siren: The fool paid heed to superstition, stuffed his ears with wax and didn't hear the warnings. He ran his ship straight into the rocks.
Vran: We know relatively little about the Vran, except that they were wiped out at Loc Muinne by a mysterious disease…
Rabid Bear: He was just an average bear. Then someone stole his honey…
Riordain: Stare into their eyes, feast on their terror. Then go in for the kill.
Iorveth's Commando: Race is the very reason we fight.
Wolf: Surrounded by that pack of wolves, we felt like the Three Little Pigs.
Basic Infantry (?): The backbone of any army. As long as their boots are comfortable.
Dun Banner Standard: Contrary to popular belief, it is not at all dun.
Grand Feast: We've an adage here in Skellige… At a good feast, mead and blood flow in equal measure.
Rogue Mage:Those who are expelled from the Ban Ard Academy often continue studying on their own, in defiance of the laws established by the Council and Conclave.
Avallac'h: the Navigator; Welcome to the Ddiddiwedht Desert.
Zapphire: No one has ever entered that forest and lived to tell the tale…
Milaen: The old baron treated poachers mercilessly. Luckily for Milaen, the old baron was dead and his men, desperate outlaws.
Falibor: Loyal vassal of the old baron of Tridam. Currently a wanted man.
Falibor's Archer: The soldiers from Tridam had received only basic archery training and most certainly were not among the world's best marksmen.
Falibor's Scout: Every scout bears the

lives of twenty–four men in his quiver.

Bandit: They take from the rich and give the poor… a kick in the teeth.
Scout Derran: Whatever caused this madness must have been terrifying…
Monster Horde: The ugliest of them all.
Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen: Warfare is mere sound and fury - diplomacy is what truly shapes history.
Vreemde: Discipline is the Empire's deadliest weapon.
Plague Maiden: The sick rave about a boil-pocked woman surrounded by herds of rabid rats...
Werewolf: Wolves aren't as bad as they say. Werewolves, though - they're worse.
Filavandrel: Though we are now few and scattered, our hearts burn brighter than ever.

Avatars and Announcers

Brouver Hoog Avatar' EithneAvatar Avatar-default HaraldAvatar King BranAvatar Demavend Avatar RadovidAvatar HenseltAvatar Eredin Avatar DagonAvatar Unseen ElderAvatar Avatar-default John Calveit Avatar Morvran Avatar Avatar-default Avatar-default Avatar-default Avatar Priscilla Avatar Trollololo Avatar Draig Avatar Gabor Avatar Peasant Woman Peasant Avatar Cow Avatar Vesemir Avatar Bruxa Avatar Germain Avatar Zapphire Avatar Arachas Avatar Horder Avatar FaliborAvatar MilaenAvatar TorinaAvatar MeveAvatarPH Lyrian Soldier Avatar GasconAvatarPH
Brouver Hoog Eithne Francesca Harald King Bran Demavend Radovid Henselt Eredin Dagon Unseen Elder Vernon Roche John Calveit Morvran Letho Zoltan Shupe Priscilla Trollololo Draig Gabor Zigrin Peasant Woman Peasant Cow Vesemir Bruxa Germain Zapphire Arachas Horde Falibor Milaen Torina Meve Lyrian Soldier Gascon





Imlerith Unmasked Avatar




Regis Avatar

Avatar Odrin

Eredin Avatar
  • Bloede verin!
  • Wrong. Grave error.
  • You would make a good slave.
  • All is as it should be.
  • You know well how this will end.
  • Resistance is futile.
  • It is inevitable.
  • Swiftly, to the end.
  • You waste my time, insolent rabble.
  • And I thought this would be boring.
  • Show me what you can do.
  • You shall perish, worm.
  • You shall be mine, Zireael. (reacting to Ciri)
  • You betrayed me for the last time. (reacting to Avallac'h)
  • Unreliable, but effective at times. (reacting to Imlertih)
  • A useful tool. (reacting to Caranthir)
  • When backed into a corner, he can bite. (reacting to Geralt)
  • Succulent bait, nothing more. (reacting to Yennefer)
  • These beasts should have died off long ago. (reacting to Unicorns)
  • Dearg Ruadhri! (reacting to Wild Hunt Riders)
  • He was weak. He had to go. (reacting to Auberon)
  • Hahahahaha! (reacting to Uma)

Eredin Unmasked Avatar

  • Hm, I underestimated you.
  • Enough of this! Enough, I said!
  • I value your service.
  • Check and mate.
  • I'm supposed to fear "that"?
  • Impressive, is it not?
  • That was close. Too close.
  • This grows more and more irritating…
  • A novice's misstep.
  • Intriguing.
  • Pathetic!
  • You shall lose your head for that!
  • She will suffer… long and immensely. (reacting to Philippa)
  • Our paths cross altogether too often for my taste. (reacting to Geralt)
  • Good to see you again, my dear. (reacting to Adda)
  • At last! A worthy opponent. (reacting to Emhyr)
  • Accursed witch. (reacting to Sile, Margarita or Keira)
  • Mages have but one choice - to grovel or die. (reacting to any Mage)
  • I will make Philippa regret ordering your murder. (reacting to Vizimir)
  • You dismissed me, always. A grave error. (reacting to other Northern Kings)
  • Slippery. I never trusted him. (reacting to Dijkstra)
  • A useful, albeit dangerous, tool. (reacting to Vernon)

Morvran Avatar
Morvran Voorhis
  • Well played, my friend!
  • Bloede arse!
  • Why, thank you!
  • You will like this.
  • Let us see if I can't do something about that.
  • Just the beginning, a mere opening.
  • Tremendous luck.
  • I don't mean to rush you, but…
  • Interesting, very interesting…
  • Sorry! My mistake.
  • That a jest, friend?
  • Forgive me, but I must destroy you.
  • He does not yet know it, but his time will soon come to an end. (reacting to Emhyr)
  • A charming creature, though slightly uncouth. (reacting to Ciri)
  • Far more than a simple witcher… (reacting to Geralt)
  • The North's finest flower, in full bloom. (reacting to Maria La Valette)
  • An unbearable loss for the Corporation. (reacting to Shilard)
  • The Alba Division knows no equal. (reacting to Alba Units)
  • His name shall be struck from all records and memory. (reacting to Usurper)
  • Hm. Not terribly fond of my likeness. (reacting to Voorhis)

  • Splendid maneuver.
  • A d'yaebl aep arse!
  • You have my thanks.
  • The Aen Seidhe could surprise you at any time.
  • We've bested far worse threats.
  • We are Aen Seidhe. You underestimate our strength.
  • Destiny is our ally.
  • You put my patience to the test.
  • Very interesting…
  • Squaess'me.
  • Well… you are only human.
  • You will vanish! We shall cast you into oblivion!
  • Forgive me… I did it for the greater good. (reacting to Iorveth)
  • We work arm in arm. For the good of Magic. (reacting to a Sorceress)
  • Our day will yet come, my old friend. (reacting to Filavandrel)
  • Ceádmil, Aen Saevherne. (reacting to Ida Emean)
  • He's far from perfect, but he is our only hope. (reacting to Emhyr)
  • Hen Ichaer... It must be tamed. (reacting to Ciri)
  • One of the more reasonable dh’oine. (reacting to Hen Gedyneith)
  • Necessary evil incarnate, yet still Aen Seidhe. (reacting to Isengrim)

Letho of Gulet
  • You're not that bad.
  • Hrmph… not good.
  • Hm, thanks.
  • Now watch closely.
  • A temporary obstacle.
  • Watch and learn.
  • Close one.
  • C'mon! Play!
  • Interesting.
  • One mistake after another.
  • Amateur.
  • Gonna be too easy, this.
  • Another head will roll, that's all. (reacting to Demavend, Foltest or Henselt)
  • Showed 'em hell at the Hanged Man's Tree… (reacting to Eredin)
  • I owe him my life. (reacting to Geralt)
  • No idea what all the fuss is about. (reacting to Yennefer)
  • We'll meet again one day, my friends. (reacting to Serrit, Auckes and other Witchers)
  • Poor little naive Síle.
  • Not one Nordling king is fit to clean his boots. (reacting to Emhyr)
  • And what'd all that fealty to tradition get them? (reacting to Witchers)

Vernon Roche
  • My, my. I'm actually impressed.
  • Why you rotten little cu--
  • Thanks.
  • We shall strike swiftly and precisely.
  • Quite a lot of them, now.
  • My men know their trade.
  • Close call.
  • Hurry up, you layabout.
  • Interesting.
  • Bad. Very bad.
  • You must try harder.
  • Cut them down to a man!
  • Take that ploughing pipe, Iorveth, and stick it up you’re a––
  • Cursed traitor. (reacting to Dijkstra)
  • His mind is long lost. (reacting to Radovid)
  • Strong-headed as ever. Hrmph. (reacting to Ves)
  • Like to get my hands on him. Around his neck. (reacting to Isengrim or Yaevinn)
  • Geralt is a good man.
  • Slippery as an eel, but you're better off having him on your side. (reacting to Thaler)
  • Best ploughing forces in the world! (reacting to Blue Stripes)

  • Ha! How aboot that!
  • Duvvelsheyss!
  • Thanks for that, pal!
  • Oh, things're aboot tae get spicy!
  • That drizzly fart's the best ye got?
  • Ha! Now that's a proper army!
  • Sheep dip… that was close.
  • Get a move on, ye friggin' lollygagger!
  • Oh… well, that's interestin'.
  • Hm, not quite what I was aimin' for
  • Where'd ye get yer cards? Outta King Desmond's chamber pot?
  • Gonna kick ye so hard in the arse, ye'll taste boot leather!
  • Oh, Dandelion… ye dear old bag o' gas.
  • Liked 'er better when she was my pet owl. (reacting to Philippa)
  • There he is – stalest fart around. (reacting to Brouver Hoog)
  • A right clever exotic bird, though a wee coarse in manners. (reacting to Field Marshall Duda)
  • Hah! Yarpen Zigrin, been ages, pal!
  • Wonder what Percy's up tae these days. (reacting to Percival Schuttenbach)
  • Our mutual enterprise went tits up. (reacting to Figgis Merluzzo)
  • He could use a bit o' rest, rum and relaxation. (reacting to Geralt)

  • Goodie card drop!
  • Ohhh…
  • Oooh! Thank!
  • Look-look! Now Shupe gwentycard drop.
  • Uman that gwentycard drop… Shupe think.
  • Look-look! Shupe that drop!
  • Phew…
  • Shupe whole day not got!
  • In-tres-ting… like rocks!
  • Uh-oh…
  • Oh… silly Shupe thought uman good gwentyplay.
  • Oy! No! Or Shupe all glitterocks and kegs back take!
  • Prettybirds draw… (reacting to Trollolo)
  • Oooh… error troll! (reacting to Champion of Champions)
  • Shupe worry much 'bout that troll. (reacting to Drunken Troll)
  • Ya, ya… troll. (reacting to other Trolls)
  • That troll Shupe troll! (reacting to Himself)
  • But but… why good rocks toss? (reacting to Machines)
  • Ohhh wow… walkie rock! (reacting to Golems and Elementals)
  • Good uman, teach trolls talkietalk. (reacting to Thaler)

Placeholder Art / Temporary Screenshots

Nenneke2 Field Medic 2 Field Marshal Duda Agitator2 Lesser Jade Golem Chironex2 Epidemic2 Operator 3 Execute Feast Dimeritium Bomb2 Dol Blathanna Trapper2 Succubus2 Griffin2 Nekker2 Nekker3 Nekker4 Djenge Frett2 Blue Stripes Scout2 Red Stries Commando Reaver Scout2 Reaver Scout3 Aglais2 Eleyas2 Vrihedd Brigade2 Dwarven Mercenary2 Emhyr var Emreis2 Morvran Voorhis2 Vattier de Rideux2 Letho of Gulet2 Menno Coehoorn2 Stefan Skellen2 Tibor Eggebracht2 Rainfarn2 Albrich2 Assire var Anahid2 Sweers2 Vanhemar2 Archer Support2 Black Infantry Archer2 Combat Engineer2 Emissary2 Emissary3 Fire Scorpion2 Impera Brigade2 Impera Brigade3 Impera Brigade4 Mangonel2 Nauzicaa Brigade2 Nauzicaa Brigade3 Botchling2 Dandelion2 Prince Stennis2 Field Medic3 Francesca2 Iorveth2 Isengrim2 Milva2 Ciaran2 Ida Emean2 Toruviel2 Yaevinn2 Yarpen Zigrin2 Dol Blathanna Trapper2 Elven Mercenary2 Iorveth's Commando2 Iorveth's Commando3 Vrihedd Vanguard2 Eredin2 Eredin3 Keira Metz2 Dun Banner Poor Infantry 4 Reaver HunterX Shaelmaar2 Aelirenn2 Scorch Trap Regis2 Dispel Magic Merigolds Hailstorm2
Northern RealmsNenneke Northern RealmsField Medic Icon Neutral Field Marshal Duda: Agitator Icon Neutral Lesser Jade Golem Icon Neutral Chironex Icon Neutral Epidemic Icon Neutral Operator SkelligeExecute (ex-Lacerate) SkelligeGrand Feast Icon Neutral Dimeritium Bomb Scoia taelDol Blathanna Trapper MonsterssSuccubus MonsterssGriffin MonsterssNekker MonsterssNekker MonsterssNekker SkelligeDjenge Frett Northern RealmsBlue Stripes Scout Northern RealmsRed Stripes Commando Northern RealmsReaver Scout Northern RealmsReaver Scout Scoia taelAglais Scoia taelEle'yas Scoia taelVrihedd Brigade Scoia taelDwarven Mercenary Clear weatherEmhyr var Emreis Clear weatherMorvran Voorhis Clear weatherVattier de Rideux Clear weatherLetho of Gulet Clear weatherMenno Coehoorn Clear weatherStefan Skellen Clear weatherTibor Eggebracht Clear weatherRainfarn Clear weatherAlbrich Clear weatherAssire var Anahid Clear weatherSweers Clear weatherVanhemar Clear weatherArcher Support Clear weatherBlack Infantry Archer Clear weatherCombat Engineer Clear weatherEmissary Clear weatherEmissary Clear weatherFire Scorpion Clear weatherImpera Brigade Clear weatherImpera Brigade Clear weatherImpera Brigade Clear weatherMangonel Clear weatherNauzicaa Brigade Clear weatherNauzicaa Brigade Northern RealmsBotchling Northern RealmsDandelion Northern RealmsPrince Stennis Northern RealmsField Medic Scoia taelFrancesca Scoia taelIorveth Scoia taelIsengrim Scoia taelMilva Scoia taelCiaran Scoia taelIda Emean Scoia taelToruviel Scoia taelYaevinn Scoia taelYarpen Zigrin Scoia taelDol Blathanna Trapper Scoia taelElven Mercenary Scoia taelIorveth's Commando Scoia taelIorveth's Commando Scoia taelVrihedd Vanguard MonsterssEredin MonsterssEredin Northern RealmsKeira Metz Northern RealmsDun Banner Standard Northern RealmsPoor Infantry Northern RealmsReaver Hunter MonsterssShaelmaar Scoia taelAelirenn Scoia taelScorch Trap Icon Neutral Regis Icon Neutral Dispel Magic Icon Neutral Merigold's Hailstorm

Card Abilities (Singleplayer Tutorial and Thronebreaker)

  • Falibor (Leader): Play Falibor.
  • Falibor: Add 1 strength to each non-Gold Unit on your side of the battlefield whenever an opposing Unit's strength is reduced to 0.
  • Falibor's Soldier: Add 3 to the 2 non-Gold Units to the left of this Unit.
  • Falibor's Archer: Deal damage to an opposing non-Gold Unit equal to the number of Units on your Melee row.
  • Falibor's Scout: After 2 turns, play a Comrade from your Deck."
  • Crazed Scout: Choose a non-Gold Unit three times. Remove 3 strength the 1st time, 2 the 2nd and 1 the 3rd.
  • Milaen: Set an opposing Unit's strength to 1.
  • Arachas Queen (Leader): Play Arachas Queen.
  • Arachas Queen: Play all Arachas Units from Deck, Hand and Graveyard. When Arachas Queen is destroyed, destroy all Arachas Units on your side of the Board.
  • Ruehin / Zapphire (Leader): Play Ruehin.
  • Ruehin / Zapphire: Every 2 turns, transform a random non-Gold Unit on your side of the Board into Ruehin's Shadow
  • Ruehin's Pawn / Shadow: When removed, if Ruehin is not on the Board, spawn and play Ruehin.
  • Monster Horde (Leader): When a Unit on your side of the Board is destroyed spawn and play 3 Arachas units.

Throne Breaker

  • Torrential Rain: Special, Weather. Extinguish Fire on the Row and Boost Damaged units on the Row by 2.
  • Lyrian Scytheman: Blitz. Command: Boost self by 3. [Command: Trigger this ability when the Command is given by another Unit.]

Singleplayer: Tutorial

CutsceneTUT1 CutsceneTUT2 CutsceneTUT3 CutsceneTUT4 CutsceneTUT5 DialogueTUT World MapTUT1 World MapTUT2 ArmyTUT1 ArmyTUT2
Cutscene Cutscene Cutscene Cutscene Cutscene Dialogue World Map World Map Army Recruitment Army Recruitment

Singleplayer: Thronebreaker

Cutscene1 Cutscene2 Cutscene3 Cutscene4 Cutscene5 Singleplayerdialogue1 Singleplayerworldmap1 Singleplayerworldmap2 Singleplayerboard1
Cutscene Cutscene Cutscene Cutscene Cutscene Dialogue World Map World Map Cards



Seasonal Events

"Midinvaerne" (Christmas)

Note: These are incomplete, and might have missing text in between them.


You've no doubt heard tell of Geralt of Rivia, of the sorceresses he bedded, the beasts he slew... but not, I wager, of the phoenix he hunted.
No? Thought as much.
For the witcher did not like to speak of it… with good reason.
It began with a Koviri magnate, Mykolas Climan, who posted a contract on a phoenix prowling the mountains near his home.
He offered a fortune to whoever would kill it.
Soon, the greatest bounty hunters and swashbucklers descended on Kovir, among them, our witcher.
Wasting no time, they trekked into the mountains...

The phoenix was not the sole beast to dwell in those mountains... but Geralt did not bear his silver sword for show.
With the other bounty hunters' help, he slew a host of icy creatures, then the expedition moved off, towards the snowbound peaks.
The phoenix evaded them for long, yet in the end, cornered, it spread its wings and attacked.

Geralt learned the phoenix had not done anyone any harm.
No, Mykolas Climan had posted the notice for an altogether trivial reason.
He wished to present his wife with a dress adorned with the beast's feathers for Midinvaerne…
Geralt had sworn never to harm sentient creatures that were no threat to humans.
So he sided with the avian that had been brought down.
Some of the bounty hunters joined him... but not all.

Geralt held his own and saved the phoenix from a most undeserved death.
The bird bowed its head in a gesture of gratitude, then flew off into the wild blue yonder.
As the witcher left Kovir, he pledged to read his contracts more carefully in the future...
And Mykolas Climan? Desperate, he gave his wife a note redeemable at any jeweler's shop in Lan Exeter, which contented her immensely.

Character Dialogues / Comments:

Watch out!
Not far now… stay close.
Dammit… go back!
That's no ordinary storm…
Course not, be too easy…
Watch out, easy to fall here!
Follow me, but nobody plays the hero, got it?
Wait… wanna kill it for feathers so somebody can make a dress?
Step back!
Fire blast on its way!
Strange… doesn't look crazed or rabid…
Watch out, it'll attack from above!
Creature hasn't harmed anyone. Not about to let you kill it.
Now get outta here. And don't come back… ever.
Let's dance.
C'mere and find out.
Watch the flank!
Getting' too old for this…

Djenge Frett:
Oh, shite buckets… watch out!
No! Got a man down!
Dammit… we oughta turn back, mayhaps?
Do somethin'! They're pepperin' us with stones!
What the devils is this, a game o' hurley?
Shite cakes… think ye've made 'em mad!
I don't trust witchcraft… but I'm glad ye're on our side. (after Geralt: Yrden)
Ye daft?! Goin' at 'em with a sword?
Oooh! We're gonna make a fortune!
C'mon! Chop the chicken!
Bloody shite, 'at was close…
Thass one big bird… wench really need that many feathers for her dress?
Let's go! High time to see if the tales 'bout you are tall or true!
Think ye can take us all, freak?
Lads, witcher's gone mad! At 'im!
Surround 'im, get round his side!
Listen, mate, whaddaya say we split the bounty…?

Character Interactions (Cards) and Unused Voice Lines

Character Interactions:

Caleb Menge
I've a special pyre for you, Chappelle.

You shall not escape us, Zireael. (unedited, reacting to Ciri)

Lookie here, if it ain't Cyprian Wiley!

Hey… you're almost as good as me, Priss.

Rhena, my Rhena (reacting to Syanna)

A g-g-golden dragon! (Reacting to Villentretenmerth)

Ciri, watch out!
Roach! Dammit… where'd she go this time…?

Lady of the Lake
Welcome back, Geralt of Rivia.

Leo Bonhart
You belong to me, lass. (reacting to Ciri)

Dandelion, what've you gotten yourself into this time?

Time for a rematch, lady Yennefer…

Sile de Tansarville
Call yourself a king? You're but a sadistic little snot. (reacting to Radovid)

She's closing in... (reacting to Renfri)

I shall never forgive you, Anarietta, never.

I shan't let you down, da! (reacting to King Bran)

Tamara Stenger
What is my da doin' here? (reacting to Bloody Baron)

I love him. He's mine. (reacting to Nivellen)

Geralt… high time I taught you another lesson.

Unused Voice Lines (Placeholders):

Assire var Anahid


Done, cmon.
You know best.

Bloody Baron
Pffgrr! Let's show this bastard what we're worth!

Hurry, axe handle's rottin'!

Clan Dimun Pirate Captain
Loot's grand! Enough to drink and plough the whole winter away at taverns.

Crach an Craite
Dare start with me?! The Wild Boar of the Sea?!

Craven Revived (Removed, became Necromancy)
Why must you torture me?
Stop! That huuurts!

Crone: Brewess
Come, sisters, no point in dawdling. The table's set, the cauldron bubbles.

Crone: Whispess
You've freed an ancient power.

Dol Blathanna Archer (Replaced by the current ones)
Nae, dh'oine ve'caeme est.

Draig Bon-Dhu
Na, na na na na...

Ten lashes to each scout, hang every third one.
There will be no reinforcements. You must hold.

Emhyr var Emreis
We're done talking.
Do you know who I am?
Do not provoke me.
That is an order.

It is unavoidable.
The king is dead. Long live the king. (unmasked)

Eine glav'echen virti adem!
Our time amongst the living is but the wink of an eye.

Field Marshal Duda: Agitator & Companion
Scurrrrr-vy scadges!

For Temeria, men! To die for Temeria is to die a good death!
Open this gate, kneel before your king and I shall show you mercy!

Hawker Healer
Shhh! Shush! 'Twill all be fine.
Lickety-split, clean and fit!

Hawker Support (Replaced by the current ones)
Throat's parched, bone-dry.
That’s it!
*spits* You only die once!

Blood and honor!!

Cerys, ah dammit..

Ida Emean
Laith aen Undod. (One Speech)


The thirty-three thieves thought they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday. Hah!
Whiskey! Slither! Ringworm! Rubbish! Bumblebee! Flabbergasted! Ha! The sound of it!

Madman Lugos
Get 'em!

Minor Shieldmaiden (Clan Drummond Shieldmaiden)
Lovely scar. Wanna see mine?
I don't like this.
As the gods will it, so shall it be.

And I'm not goin' where I'm not... goin'.

Philippa Eilhart
Power - the object of dark desire.

A fitting end for a witch.

Now, to arms and to the walls! Let's show Henselt real war!

Follow in my footsteps.
Let's go.
We're here.

Sile de Tansarville
You can't stop me, not you, not anyone else.

Triss Merigold & Butterfly Spell
I'm ready!
Yes, I missed you too.

Mamma, come and see dem marching. It King Ravodid who call.
Who drink barrels and ask for more? The infantry from Tretogor!
Who makes Emhyr wet his panty? Cavalry from Nimnar Valley!

I like the way you die.

Vernon Roche
Protect the king!

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